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0507 External Schema Type

External schema types allow a schema to reference another schema type defined outside of the scope of its asset.

The schema type that is linked to is often defined as part of a standard, of a set of types supported by a specific type of technology. It is typically reused in assets' schemas where the asset is supporting a standard schema. It may also be used as types for schema attributes where the schema is defined for a specific technology that has a fixed set of types. For example, a relational database column may be defined with external types that represent the defined types of the database platform where the database schema resides.


LinkedExternalSchemaType is linked to a SchemaElement to enable it to be linked to both an ExternalSchemaType and a SchemaAttribute.

Deprecated types

The following types are replaced by the attributes in SchemaAttribute. - BoundedSchemaType - BoundedSchemaElementType - ArraySchemaType - SetSchemaType

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