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Erin Overview - Information Architect


Age: 42

Skills: solution and information architecture, information modeling

Scope: Organization-wide


  • Erin is an information architect. She supports requests for data from different parts of the business.
  • Since Jules Keeper, The Chief Data Officer joined, Erin's role has evolved to include a more strategic look at the information landscape at Coco Pharmaceuticals.
  • She is now responsible for setting the IT standards and architecture that support the policies laid down by Jules. Her standards are used in the development of new systems and in the integration of external systems.
  • Erin also focuses on the optimization and integrity of the information supply chains that synchronize information between the IT systems.


  • Overwhelmed by the constant requests for data.
  • Unappreciated by the business.
  • Hopeful that things will improve now Jules has joined.


  • Criticism of the IT team for being unresponsive to the needs of the business.


  • Responds to data requests as fast as possible.
  • Is constantly explaining why it takes so much work to retrieve data on an ad hoc basis from the existing systems.


  • The requests for data increasing and she is not sure how much more she can do.

Top challenges:

  • So many systems, each with their own data and no easy way to manage complexity.
  • Constant demand for data extracts from the business teams.
  • New software packages being deployed with no thought for how the data requirements within them will be supported.
  • No budget to increase the size of her team – nor automate some of the common requests.

Desired Outcome:

  • A catalog of data sources and a way to measure and monitor their quality and how the information is flowing between them.
  • An easy way to communicate with the developers and business about their responsibilities around data.
  • Some way of making common requests for data repeatable and self-service.
  • Appreciation for her teams efforts.

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