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Technical preview

Technical preview function is in a state that it can be tried. The development is complete, there is documentation and there are samples, tutorials and hands-on labs as appropriate.

The community is looking for feedback on the function before declaring it stable. This feedback may result in changes to the external interfaces.

Strimzi Monitor Integration Connector

Connector details

This Egeria integration connector for Strimzi topics. It obtains the Kafka topic information by querying the custom resource definitions (CRDs) in Strimzi, then creates the appropriate Egeria metadata, adding, deleting and updating the Egeria metadata so that is always mirrors the Strimzi content.

The Egeria metadata that is created is a KafkaTopic.

This integration connector needs to be configured. The following steps can be performed using the postman collection to set this connector up. The connector takes Kafka topic information including the description, partitions and replicas and pushes that information into Egeria.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Operation of the Strimzi monitor integration connector

Important notice

The gradle JAR step will include some of the dependencies into the connector JAR, making is a semi-Fat Jar. This makes sure that additional dependencies are automatically deployed together with the connector.


This connector uses the Topic Integrator OMIS running in the Integration Daemon.

This is its connection definition to use on the administration commands that configure the Topic Integrator OMIS.

Connection configuration

   "connection" : 
                    "class" : "Connection",
                    "qualifiedName" : "TopicMonitorConnection",
                    "connectorType" : 
                        "class" : "ConnectorType",
                        "connectorProviderClassName" : "org.odpi.openmetadata.adapters.connectors.integration.strimzi.StrimziMonitorIntegrationProvider"
                    "endpoint" :
                        "class" : "Endpoint",
                        "address" : "{{serverURL}}"
  • Replace {{serverURL]} with the network address of the Strimzi server.

configurationProperties parameters

Event mapper configuration parameter name default Description
topicNamePrefix empty string This is a prefix for the topic names that will be monitored.
token null security token required to make calls to Strimzi.
descriptionAnnotationField null the name of the field in the CRD to get the topic description

Running locally for testing

You will need to have an omag platform with the connector jar, a metadata server called cocoMDS1 defined. The below process is how you configure the Strimzi integration connector manually.

Import the postman collection into Postman The required values should be supplied as postman environment variables for this script.

Then run the scripts in order. Steps 1 through 3 to configure the connector.

  • Step 3 is where the integration connector configuration parameters are passed into the connector.
  • Step 4 Starts the connector.
  • Step 5 shows how to retrieve the configuration

The configuration only needs to occur once (unless you want to change it), so subsequently you only need to issue step 4 to start it.

Testing mutations

Import the postman collection into Postman

Set the postman variables you want and run the create, delete and update scripts.

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