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To Dos

A to do is a record of an action. It includes details of the action to perform and the time frame it needs to be completed for.

To dos are normally created as a result of a meeting, or a process, such as a governance action process.

The requested action may be ad hoc in nature, or part of a stewardship process that identified a specific action for an individual, or group of individuals.

The creator of a to do is called the originator. The person, or people assigned to complete the task are called the assigned resources. Assigned to dos are attached to one of their roles rather than directly to their personal profile.

Each to do has a priority and a status:

  • Open - no work has started.
  • In Progress - work is ongoing.
  • Waiting - work is on hold, typically blocked.
  • Complete - Work is completed.
  • Abandoned - No work will happen.

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