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Relationship Delete Profile

The performance of programmatically soft-deleting an existing relationship instance.

The Open Metadata Repository Services (OMRS) interface for a metadata repository defines an optional method for deleting relationship instances:

Method Description
deleteRelationship soft-deletes the current version of a relationship
ID Description
repository-relationship-delete-performance-deleteRelationship See (2) in detailed logic below.
repository-relationship-purge-performance-deleteRelationship See detailed logic of relationship purge profile.

For every relationship type supported by the technology under test, this profile does the following (in order):

  1. Searches for instancesPerType relationships of that type. (This uses findRelationshipsByProperty with a condition on metadataCollectionId and its performance is recorded as part of the relationship search profile.)
  2. For each of these relationship instances, deleteRelationship is called to soft-delete it.


So, for example, if the technology under test supports 50 relationship types, and the instancesPerType parameter is set to 100, then this profile will soft-delete 50 (types) x 100 (instances per type) = 5000 relationships. (And it will run findRelationshipsByProperty 50 times.)

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