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Home Metadata Repositories

The metadata repository where a metadata entity or relationship is created is called its home repository.

Metadata in its home repository can be updated and deleted.

The Open Metadata Repository Services (OMRS) is responsible for sharing this metadata with other metadata repositories who are members of the same cohort.

The shared copies are called reference copies and are read-only. Update requests to a reference copy are automatically redirected to the home repository by Egeria, without the caller being aware.

Every metadata repository in a cohort has a unique identifier called the local metadata collection id. This identifier is set up in the server configuration and shared when this server connects to a cohort.

When metadata is shared by Egeria, each element is tagged with the metadata collection id of its home repository. Egeria is able to route update requests to the right server by comparing the metadata collection id in the metadata instance with the cohort registration information passed between members of the cohort when they connect.

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