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Open Metadata Type Definitions (TypeDefs)

TypeDefs define the characteristics of a particular type of an open metadata instance/element. There are three categories of TypeDefs (TypeDefCategory):

  • EntityDef: the definition of a type of entity
  • RelationshipDef: the definition of a type of relationship
  • ClassificationDef: the definition of a type of classification

TypeDefs can inherit from other TypeDefs from the same category. Open metadata support single inheritance.

TypeDefs also define then names and types of properties for a metadata instance of that type. Each property has a TypeDefAttribute definition that references an AttributeTypeDef as its type.

The AttributeTypeDefs are the type definitions for properties. There are three categories of AttributeTypeDefs.

  • EnumDef: the definition of an enumerated list of valid values.
  • CollectionDef: the definition of a collection - such as an array of strings, or a map from string to object.
  • PrimitiveDef: a primitive - such as a string, integer or date.

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