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In development

A component that is in development means that the Egeria community is still building the function. The code is added continuously in small pieces to help the review and socialization process. It may not run, or do something useful - it only promises not to break other function. Expect to find git issues describing the end state.

Digital Service Open Metadata Access Service (OMAS)

The Digital Service OMAS supports the business capability owners as they track the development and use of digital services that support the operation of the organization.

Digital services are business services that are implemented in software. An example of a digital service is one that allows a customer to buy a product from the organization.

Digital services are implemented using a variety of software components. These components are defined and deployed using the Software Developer OMAS and DevOps OMAS respectively.

The Digital Service OMAS is responsible for:

  • Recording the key business capabilities of the organization - with particular focus on those business capabilities involved in the business transformation.
  • Assigning the owner of each business capability.
  • Linking the business capability to the governance definitions defined by the governance program.
  • For each business capability, defining the digital services that support it.
  • Assigning ownership to each digital service.
  • Supporting the owner of a digital service throughout the digital service's lifecycle.
  • Supporting the business capability owners with the ability to review the status of the digital services within their business capability.

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