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Governance Action Service

A governance action service is a specialized connector that performs monitoring of metadata changes, validation of metadata, triage of issues, assessment and/or remediation activities on request. It runs in the Governance Action Open Metadata Engine Service (OMES) hosted by the Engine Host OMAG Server.

Governance Action Service

There are five types of governance action services:

  • Watchdog Governance Service listens for changes to metadata and initiates governance actions, governance action processes or an incident report.

  • Verification Governance Service validates that the metadata elements, relationships and classification are set up as they should be. For example, it may check that a new asset has an owner, is set up with zones and includes a connection and a schema there possible. It produces guards that define what needs to be done.

  • Triage Governance Service runs triage rules to determine how to manage a situation or request. Often this involves a human decision maker. It may initiate an external workflow, wait for manual decision or create a To Do for a specific person.

  • Remediation Governance Service makes updates to metadata elements, relationships between them and classifications. Examples of remediation governance action services are duplicate linking and consolidating.

  • Provisioning Governance Service invokes a provisioning service whenever a provisioning request is made. Typically the provisioning service is an external service. It may also create lineage metadata to describe the work of the provisioning engine.

Governance Context

A governance action service is passed a context as it is started. This provides access to the request type and associated parameters (name-value pairs) used to invoke the governance action service, along with a client to access open metadata through the Governance Engine OMAS.

Structure of the governance context

This context is then specialized for each type of governance action service. Details of the specific context for each service can be found in the links to the various governance action service types.

The definition of the connector interfaces for governance action services is defined in the governance-action-framework module.

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