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Area 5 Models - Schema, Models and Reference Data

Area 5 is where standards are established. This includes data models, schema fragments and reference data that are used to assist developers and architects in using best practice data structures and valid values as they develop new capability around the data assets.

UML Packages

The first set of models describe the structure of data as it is deployed. These models describe the abstract definition of structured data.

These next models show how the schema is attached to assets and ports on a process.

This next model provides the ability to capture a template for generating schema artifacts for direct inclusion in an implementation.

The next set of models are specializations of the abstract schema elements described aimed at different types of technology.

Data classes describe specify types of data - such as data, address, credit card, social security number. A data class is identified for a specific schema attribute by looking at the data values stored in it.

Reference data describes standard sets of data values - such as a list of country codes.

Instance metadata identifies schema attributes that contain metadata, rather than business data.

The next set of models describe the content of different types of data models

The final set of models capture architectures and patterns.

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