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Gary Geeke - IT Infrastructure Administrator


Age: 29

Skills: Systems and technology, automation

Scope: Organization-wide


  • Gary is responsible for the set up and operation of all of the IT infrastructure that Coco Pharmaceuticals operates.
  • He works for Erin Overview although he is pretty autonomous since no-one else really understands the systems the way he does.


  • Gary loves technology and finds the variety of technology that the company uses to be a real bonus in keeping up his skills.


  • Criticism of the IT team for being unresponsive to the needs of the business.
  • Encouragement from Erin.


  • Focuses on day-to-day running of the IT systems.
  • Enjoys new projects as a way of extending his skills.
  • Uses automation wherever possible to reduce effort on running existing systems.


  • A growing reliance on the IT teams.
  • The need for a more sophisticated approach to operations and the integration of information.

Top challenges:

  • Keeping the systems running all the time.
  • Diagnosing problems.
  • Maintaining a social life with the anti-social hours he is working.

Desired Outcome:

  • Fully automated operations with appropriate alerting and diagnostics.
  • Time to work on new projects that expand his skills.

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