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Governance Domain

Governance domains are the areas of an organization's operation that receive specific focus from a governance point of view.

Governance Domain Examples

Examples of different governance domains within an organization. Each domain is typically the responsibility of a different executive in the organization. They may use slightly different terminology and often different tools but in fact they are very similar in the way that they operate. Egeria allows the teams from the different governance domains to collaborate and benefit from each others efforts.

Governance domains are represented by Governance Domain Descriptions that are referenced by the domainIdentifier property. This is an integer and by convention "0" means "applies to all domains".

It is possible to set up a default list of domains using the createStandardGovernanceDomains method from the Governance Program OMAS. This will give you the following governance domain definitions:

Domain Identifier Domain Name Description
1 DATA The governance of data and its use.
2 PRIVACY The support for data privacy.
3 SECURITY The governance that ensures IT systems and the data they hold are secure.
4 IT_INFRASTRUCTURE The governance of the configuration and management of IT infrastructure and the software that runs on it.
5 SOFTWARE_DEVELOPMENT The governance of the software development lifecycle.
6 CORPORATE The governance of the organization as a legal entity.
7 ASSET_MANAGEMENT The governance of physical assets.

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