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Writing Cohort Registry Store Connectors

The cohort registry store maintains information about the servers registered in an open metadata repository cohort. It resides in each cohort member and represents that member's view of the cohort membership. It contains the registration information sent by this member and the responses received from the other members.

Cohort registry store connector

Inside the cohort registry store there is one local registration record describing the information sent to the other members of the cohort and a list of remote registration records received from the other members of the cohort.

Internal structure for the information stored inside a single cohort registry store

A cohort registry store connector manages the persistence of the cohort registry store. Egeria uses a connector to allow different storage methods for different deployment environments. Each member may choose their own implementation of the cohort registry store connector.

The definition of the connector interface for these connectors is defined in the repository-services-api module in the org.odpi.openmetadata.repositoryservices.connectors.stores.cohortregistrystore Java package.

An implementations of this type of connector is located in the adapters/open-connectors/repository-services-connectors/cohort-registry-store-connectors module.

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