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Simple Content Pack

The SimpleCatalog provides an example of a database, an API and an event structure linked to a glossary term. It is loaded automatically in the simple-metadata-store sample server. SimpleCatalog is also supplied as four archives for use in a demo showing 4 metadata access servers connected together in a single cohort. The archives are each loaded into a different server. It is then possible to show how the cohort integrates metadata from different catalogs. These archives are used in the Development labs which are part of the Open Metadata Labs.

  • SimpleAPICatalog - API metadata typically found in an API catalog.

  • SimpleDataCatalog - Database metadata typically found in an Data catalog.

  • SimpleEventCatalog - Event metadata typically found in an API catalog.

  • SimpleGovernanceCatalog - A glossary term linked to metadata elements in the API, Event, Data catalogs.

This picture shows how the simple catalog's metadata is distributed between the 4 different archives.

Simple Catalog Data Map

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