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Survey Report

A survey report contains one or more sets of related properties that a survey action service has discovered about a resource, its metadata, structure and/or content. These are stored in a set of annotations linked off of the survey report.

The survey report is attached to the asset for the digital resource that was analysed. Over time, the survey reports show how the digital resource's contents are changing.

Asset with survey reports

The survey report is created in the open metadata repository by the Survey Action OMES when it creates an new survey action service instance. The survey action service can retrieve information about the survey report through the survey context.


An annotation describes one or more related properties about a digital resource. Some annotations refer to the entire digital resource and others refer to a data field within the digital resource. The annotations that describe a single data field are called data field annotations.

Structure of survey reports

The annotation types defined in the Survey Action Framework (SAF) are as follows:

Open Metadata Types for Annotations

The open metadata types for annotations are describe in Area 6.

The main entity type is called Annotation. It is extended by DataFieldAnnotation to distinguish annotations that refer, primarily to a data field. Other more specialist annotations extend these two basic annotation types.

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