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Technical preview

Technical preview function is in a state that it can be tried. The development is complete, there is documentation and there are samples, tutorials and hands-on labs as appropriate.

The community is looking for feedback on the function before declaring it stable. This feedback may result in changes to the external interfaces.

My Profile OMVS

The My Profile Open Metadata View Services (OMVS) is a REST API designed to back user interfaces (UIs) that support personalization.

At the heart of personalization is the personal profile that describes the individual with details such as their name, job role and contact details. The personal profile then becomes the parent node where the individual can attach and maintain collections of favourite elements such as assets, projects and the profiles of other people in their network.

Notification Inbox

The Notification Inbox is a feature of My Profile OMVS designed to back user interfaces (UIs) that support notification for a specific user.

Each user notification, also known as a To Do, has a status, summary description and a link to one or more elements that the notification refers to. For example, a notification may indicate that:

  • New data is available for a digital product that the user is watching.
  • A new action for the user has been created.
  • An asynchronous process initiated by the user has finished.

The user can view the details of the notification, change the status of the notification, or delete it.

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