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Writing Configuration Document Store Connectors

The configuration store connectors contain the connector implementations that manage the storage of Configuration Documents for OMAG Servers.

Configuration Document Store Connector

There is one configuration document store connector defined for each OMAG Server Platform.

Configuration document store connector interface

The admin-services-api module provides the interface definition for this connector. Its interface is simple -- consisting of save, retrieve and delete operations:

 * OMAGServerConfigStore provides the interface to the configuration for an OMAG Server.  This is accessed
 * through a connector.
public interface OMAGServerConfigStore
     * Save the server configuration.
     * @param configuration configuration properties to save
    void saveServerConfig(OMAGServerConfig   configuration);

     * Retrieve the configuration saved from a previous run of the server.
     * @return server configuration
    OMAGServerConfig  retrieveServerConfig();

     * Remove the server configuration.
    void removeServerConfig();

The configuration document is represented by the OMAGServerConfig structure. The name of the server is stored in the localServerName property in OMAGServerConfig.

Sample implementations

The implementations of this connector provided by Egeria are found in the configuration-store-connectors module. There are two connectors:

Further information

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