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0440 Organizational Controls

Organizational controls describe governance controls that are implemented through people, organizational structures and responsibilities plus manual procedures and rules. 0440 defines the two main sub-types of the organizational controls.


GovernanceResponsibility describes a responsibility that is assigned to a person or team. It could be a requirement to take certain action in specific circumstances, or to make particular types of decisions or to give approvals for particular actions.


GovernanceProcedure describes a manual procedure that is performed under certain situations. An example would be a visual check of a person's government identity document such as a passport or driving license.


Linked to the OrganizationalControl via the GovernanceDefinitionScope relationship are the business capabilities that are part of the scope of the control.


BusinessCapability describes the business responsibility or services provided by a team in an organization. It is linked to the owning team using the OrganizationalCapability relationship.


Organization is a special type of team that is the root of a hierarchy of teams and represents a collection of people and resources with a particular purpose such as a business, non-profit organization or governance department.


Asset entities describe resources used by an organization. The AssetOrigin classification describes the part of the organization that the resource originated in. For example, it may show that a data set with personal information originated from the Swiss part of the organization and is therefore subject to specific controls.

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