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Technical preview

Technical preview function is in a state that it can be tried. The development is complete, there is documentation and there are samples, tutorials and hands-on labs as appropriate.

The community is looking for feedback on the function before declaring it stable. This feedback may result in changes to the external interfaces.

Valid Metadata OMVS

The Valid Metadata Open Metadata View Services (OMVS) is a REST API designed to back user interfaces (UIs) that support lists of valid values for open metadata attributes. It offers two types of services:

  • Maintain and query lists of valid values for open metadata attributes.
  • Retrieve details of the defined open metadata types.

Working with valid metadata values

Valid Metadata Values uses Valid Value Sets to maintain lists of valid values for open metadata attributes. It aims to offer UI developers the ability to populate drop-downs with valid values for an attribute, or validate a value provided by an end user, or offer services that maintain these valid value lists.

There are twelve operations for maintaining the valid value lists:

  • Three for creating a valid value.
  • Three for deleting a valid value.
  • Three for querying if a valid value is valid.
  • Three for retrieving the properties of a specific valid value.

The reason for three operations for each method is that Egeria needs to distinguish between:

  1. A valid value for a primitive attribute (string, integer, etc) or a primitive value in an array attribute.
  2. A valid key in a map attribute (called a mapName).
  3. A valid value associated with a key in a map attribute.

In addition, there is an operation for retrieving the entire list of valid values for an attribute, plus two methods for managing Consistent Values relationships.

Retrieving open metadata types

The standard open metadata types are describe on this website. It is also possible to define your own open metadata types. The Valid Metadata OMVS provides services to query the types and understand how the lint together.

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