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Nancy Noah - Cloud Architect


Age: 36

Skills: Design and delivery of hybrid cloud services.

Scope: IBM Technology


Nancy has been a client architect for five years. Her job involves:

  • Understanding client use cases.
  • Matching use cases to relevant technology and engaging appropriate specialists.
  • Helping customers plan for the installation, set up and use of products they have bought.
  • Development of collateral that will improve the effectiveness of future engagements.


  • Nancy enjoys the technical challenge of matching new technology to a potential customer’s needs. She worries about the rate of technology and how she will keep up.


  • Concerns about the security of the cloud and that it seems very complicated to integrate.
  • Many questions on why companies should buy software when open source is so good nowadays.


  • Nancy is very enthusiastic about cloud technology. She has build many demos to understand how this technology should be used.


  • A constant stream of announcements on new capabilities to sell.
  • A dwindling number of people with strong architecture skills.

Top challenges:

  • Hiding the complexity of technology whilst demonstrating the breadth and power of its capabilities.
  • Expanding her knowledge of infrastructure, networks and new software components since cloud architecture requires a much broader set of skills to building on premise solutions.
  • Understanding the special challenges that being in a regulated industry brings to solution design.

Desired Outcome:

  • Multiple successful projects running on cloud infrastructure and linked to on premise systems.
  • Ongoing maintenance of her skills to stay relevant.

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