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Sydney Seeker - Fraud Investigator


Age: 49

Skills: financial management, legal procedures.

Scope: Fraud Investigation – particularly forensic audit


  • Sidney is an expert in anti-fraud procedures and investigation. He used to work for the police force, but now is a private contractor working with different clients on their fraud detection and prevention procedures.
  • He has been working with this company for about six months advising them on anti-fraud monitoring approaches when a set of unexplained payments are detected and, he is pulled into help with the investigation.


  • Sidney understands the hurt and concern that Reggie has over the suspected fraudulent activity but feels that the company is partly to blame because their lack of control of information has made them an easy target.


  • Hurt, concern and disbelief that the company seems to have been targeted by fraudsters.


  • Sidney helps Reggie plan an orderly investigation of their supply chain to understand the extend of the problem, locate the perpetrators and remedy any impact on legitimate suppliers and customers.


  • The finance team having to use spreadsheets to supplement the data from IT for all but the most routine of decisions and reporting. This is going to make the investigation more complicated as some of the key data is ungoverned.

Top challenges:

  • Sidney needs to help the company tighten up their procedures to make it harder for the company to be exploited by fraudsters whilst still preserving the collaborative, open culture that has created their innovative range of products.

Desired Outcome:

  • The fraud investigation successfully removes this incident of fraudulent activity.
  • The company learns from this and puts in place proper anti-fraud procedures.

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