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Writing Server Metadata Security Connectors

The server metadata security connector provides authorization support for requests to an OMAG Server. There is one server metadata security connector configured for each OMAG Server.

Server Metadata Security Connector

This connector is called each time a request is made to the server. It is called to:

  • Validate the user has access to the server.
  • Validate the user has access to the called operation.
  • Select which zones to associate with the requests based on the user.
  • If the request involves an asset, then does the user have access to the asset and which properties are they allowed to see.
  • If the request is for a connection for an asset, then select which one linked to the asset should be returned to the user.
  • Determine which events to sent to the cohort.
  • Determine what actions can be made on the metadata repository.

Further information

An example implementation of this type of connector is located in the [open-metadata-security-samples module.

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