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0715 Digital Service Ownership

Digital services often provide the focus for governance activity such as data privacy, data quality or cyber-security. They typically have executive ownership and provide a key digital capability that enables the organization to function properly.

The relationships on this page show how the digital service fits in with the organization.



DigitalServiceOperator shows which organization(s) are responsible for the digital service. The scope property identifies the scope of the responsibility for a particular organization where multiple organizations have responsibility.

This relationship is useful when the local organization is using digital services from other organizations.


DigitalSupport identifies which business capabilities are dependent on the digital service for their operations.


DigitalServiceManagement defines who is responsible for the digital service. This includes its operation and evolution. It links to a PersonRole which may have one or more individuals appointed to it.


DigitalServiceManager is a PersonRole that can be used as the digital service manager for a digital service. Since it is a role, one or more individuals can be appointed to the position.

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