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Governance Classification Levels

Most organizations already define their standard levels for governance classifications such as confidentiality. Although the Open Metadata Types include Standard Enumerations for these classifications, the GovernanceClassificationLevel allows an organization to make use of their own definitions.

An organization creates one of these entities for each of their confidentiality levels. The levelIdentifier value is then used in the classifications. It can be programmatically examined by security processing to, for example, compare the confidentiality of an asset against a person's access.


Set of classification levels used in a particular classification can be grouped using a Collection which can be classified using GovernanceClassificationSet with details of the classification the values are used in.

Similarly, the status of governance classification, entities and relationships can be customized through the GovernanceStatusLevel and collected together using the GovernanceStatusSet. The levelIdentifier values should be set up so:

  • Positive values relate to statuses which mean the element is ok to use.
  • Zero means the element has just been created, but not vetted, so use with caution.
  • Negative values mean that the element is not to be trusted because it is, for example, obsolete or incorrect.
Deprecated types
  • GovernanceConfidentialityLevel - use GovernanceClassificationLevel.

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