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Adding archive to running server

Adding an archive to a running Metadata Access Store

Open Metadata Archives contain pre-canned metadata types and instances for Cohort Members.

Archives can be added to the configuration document of a server to ensure their content is loaded each time the server is started. This is intended for:

  • Archives containing type definitions.
  • Archives containing instances for repositories that do not store the archive content but keep it in memory. Although, if an archive is loaded multiple times, its content is only added to the local repository if the repository does not have the content already.

Archives can also be loaded to a running server using the following commands.

Typically, an open metadata archive is stored as JSON format in a file. To load such a file use the following command:

POST - load file


The body of the request should be the fully-qualified path name or path relative to the startup directory of the OMAG Server Platform -- and the file name should not have any quotes around it.

Alternatively it is possible to set up the list of open metadata archives as a list of connections. These connections refer to open metadata archive store connectors that can read and retrieve the open metadata archive content.

POST - load from connection(s)


The body of the request should be the list of connections from which to load archives.

This option can be used when the open metadata archives are not stored in a file, or a different file format from the default one for the OMAG Server Platform is required.