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Dojo Introduction

The Egeria "dojo" is an intensive course to help you learn about Egeria. It is designed as a 3-day effort, although, since it is self-study you can dip in and out of it as time permits.

The objectives of the three day are as follows:

  • Day 1: Learning about setting up and running Egeria on you own machine.
  • Day 2: Learning how to make a contribution to Egeria.
  • Day 3: Learning how to become either an advocate or a maintainer.

The sessions are color-coded like ski runs:

Beginner session

Intermediate session

Advanced session

Expert session

As you progress through the dojo, the colors of the sessions show how advanced your knowledge is becoming.

The schedule also includes estimated times needed to complete each session. Do take breaks whenever needed!


Day 1 summary

Day 1

After completing day 1 of the Egeria dojo you should feel comfortable with setting up and running the Egeria technology. It includes sessions on the prerequisite technology that Egeria uses, how to configure Egeria, how to start and stop various capabilities and well as diagnosing any problems you may come across.

Egeria introduction (30 mins)

Egeria project introduction (30 mins)

Running Egeria on your machine, step-by-step (5 hrs)

Platform setup and configuration (90 mins)

Running metadata servers (2 hrs)

Running metadata ecosystems (90 mins)

Participating in the community (30 mins)

Day 2 summary

Day 2

Day 2 of the Egeria dojo is all about making changes to the Egeria project. This may be to add code, documentation or samples. You will have an opportunity to add a new file to the Egeria project and take it all the way through the process to update Egeria's git repository.

Open source philosophy (30 mins)

Tools for contributors (90 mins)

Making a contribution, step-by-step (90 mins)

Types of contribution (60 mins)

Becoming a contributor (30 mins)

Day 3 summary

Day 3

Day 3 prepares you to become an Egeria professional - either as an advocate of the technology or a maintainer. It goes much deeper into the philosophy, design and processes of the project.

Becoming an advocate (90 mins)

Becoming a maintainer (90 mins)

Egeria architecture and philosophy (the "deep stuff") (90 mins)

Egeria social (90 mins)

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