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Task creating an issue on git hub

Creating an Issue on GitHub

Every contribution begins with a git issue. Go to GitHub and click on the second tab marked Issues.

GitHub Issues Tab

Click in the new issue green button on the top right hand side and a form for a new issue is displayed.

GitHub New Issue Button

Enter a meaningful title and description. This will help the maintainers understand your contribution and speed up the process to include it. If you are participating on the dojo you can use a title of Create my postcard file for Egeria Dojo and description of

This is a change to Egeria that is part of the Egeria Dojo session
[Making a contribution to Egeria - Step-by-Step](
It will create a new markdown file in `open-metadata-resources/open-metadata-tutorials/egeria-dojo/egeria-dojo-postcards` and link it to the readme.
Notice that it is possible to use Markdown tags to create highlights and links to content to explain what you are doing.

GitHub Create New Issue

When you are happy with your text, click on Submit new Issue. A new issue is created and assigned a new number - #3091 in this example. Make a note of this issue number because you will need it later.

GitHub New Issue Created

Now you are ready to work on your contribution.