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Starting and Stopping the OMAG server

Once a configuration document has been completed for an OMAG Server, it can be started using the following REST call:

POST {platformURLRoot}/open-metadata/admin-services/users/{adminUserId}/servers/{serverName}/instance

and stopped, as follows:

DELETE {platformURLRoot}/open-metadata/admin-services/users/{adminUserId}/servers/{serverName}/instance

The configuration document is not changed by these calls. It is possible to query the running server's configuration using the following REST API:

GET {platformURLRoot}/open-metadata/admin-services/users/{adminUserId}/servers/{serverName}/instance/configuration

If you want to delete the server's configuration document then issue:

DELETE {platformURLRoot}/open-metadata/admin-services/users/{adminUserId}/servers/{serverName}

If the OMAG server is running, this command also unregisters the named server from the cohorts it is connected to. Only use this command if the server is being permanently removed.

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