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Release 3.8 (May 2022)

Known Issues
Use chromium-based browser for UIs

It is recommended to use a chromium-based browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari for the Egeria Ecosystem UI. Some parts of the UI experience such as Dino currently experience problems with Firefox. See odpi/egeria-react-ui#96 .

Functional changes
Historical Query

The Egeria Ecosystem UI has a new 'historical query' capability. You can now issue queries in the past and if the repository supports it you can work with Rex at a time in the past. See the Repsotory Explorer user guide for how to use the repository explorer.

Historical query is available in release 3.8.1. 3.8 has a bug such that the Repository Explorer Explore button errors in many scenarios.

Bug fixes and other updates

For details, see the Github release note for 3.8 and the full commit history in GitHub .

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