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Release 2.5 (December 2020)

Below are the highlights of the 2.5 release:

  • The following improvements to the presentation-server user interface:

  • The Type Explorer UI

    • supports options to show/hide deprecated types and/or deprecated attributes. Please refer to the Type Explorer for details.
    • preserves the user-selected focus type across reloads of type information from the repository server.
  • The Repository Explorer UI

    • has the Enterprise option enabled by default. It can be disabled to perform more specific, localized queries.
    • now indicates whether an instance was returned by an enterprise or local scope operation against its home repository or is a reference copy or proxy.
    • has a user-settable limit on the number of search results (and a warning to the user if it is exceeded)
    • now colors nodes based on their home metadata collection's ID. This previously used metadata collection's name but a metadata collection's name can be changed, whereas the metadata collection's ID is permanent.
    • has improved help information covering search
  • The Dino UI

    • displays a server's status history in a separate dialog instead of inline in the server details view.
  • The following improvements to the repositories:

  • The Graph Repository

    • find methods have reinstated support for core properties, previously temporarily disabled due to property name clashes that are now resolved
  • A new type OpenMetadataRoot has been added as the root type for all Open Metadata Types. See the base model

  • The admin services guide has some additional information on configuring TLS security

  • Improvements to the gradle build scripts, but at this point it remains incomplete and build of egeria still requires maven

  • Bug Fixes

  • Dependency Updates

Egeria Implementation Status at Release 2.5

Egeria Implementation Status

Link to Egeria's Roadmap for more details about the Open Metadata and Governance vision, strategy and content.