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Release 2.3 (October 2020)

New capabilities & Major changes

  • A new Presentation Server User interface has been added, making use of React & Carbon
  • Presentation Server is still in development
  • For developers not contributing to Presentation Server, running in a container under Kubernetes or docker-compose is the easiest way to get started
  • See the last section of the Presentation Server README for instructions on running Presentation Server
  • For contributors, The Presentation Server README also documents 'Configuring the Presentation Server' - this is done automatically in our k8s/compose environment. However if doing this manually note (4th point) that the environment variable is called EGERIA_PRESENTATIONSERVER_SERVER_<ui server name> where the <ui server name> is the tenant's serverName.. The examples in the document are correct.
  • The Dino User Interface for presentation server now allows an Egeria operations user to display a graph and details of Egeria resources including platforms, servers, services and cohort memberships.
  • Type Explorer & Repository Explorer, previously found in the Polymer based UI, are now available in Presentation Server.
  • Raise a github issue or Contact the Egeria team via slack at if you experience issues or have questions.
  • The Egeria Docker image is now based on Redhat's UBI-8 openjdk-11 image, to improve security & operational support. See issue #3580
  • Bug Fixes & ongoing feature work

Known Issues

  • Several maven artifacts have not been published to maven central/JCenter. See issue #3675 They can be retrieved from JFrog Artifactory at '' if needed and it is not possible to build locally.
  • org.odpi.egeria:presentation-server
  • org.odpi.egeria:subject-area-fvt
  • org.odpi.egeria:dev-ops-api
  • org.odpi.egeria:digital-service-spring


  • Spring has been updated to 2.3.9
  • Spring Security has been updated to 5.4.0
  • For a full list run 'mvn dependency:tree' against top level directory and/or review the top level pom.xml

Egeria Implementation Status at Release 2.3

Egeria Implementation Status

Link to Egeria's Roadmap for more details about the Open Metadata and Governance vision, strategy and content.

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