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Release 1.6 (April 2020)

Release 1.6 adds support for: * Audit Log Framework (ALF) technical preview * Repository Explorer (REX)

Below are the highlights:

  • There is a new framework:
  • The Audit Log Framework (ALF) provides interface definitions and classes to enable connectors to support natural language enabled diagnostics such as exception messages and audit log messages.

  • There is a new user interface module:

    • The Repository Explorer (Rex) can help you explore and visualize the metadata in a repository. It retrieves entities and relationships from the repository and displays them. A details panel also shows the properties and other information about an object. Each entity or relationship is added to a network diagram, which shows how they are connected.
  • The Swagger-based API documentation for the Egeria server chassis has been reorganized to align with our modules structure & to provide links into our other documentation which also will clarify if the module is released, in Tech Preview, or still in development. The docs can be found at https://<server>:<port>/swagger-ui.htm. Further enhancements will follow in future releases.

  • Many dependencies have been updated including:

    • Kafka client upgraded to 2.4.1
    • Spring updated to 5.2.4, spring boot to 2.2.5 & other spring components accordingly.

For a full list refer to the git commit logs.

Egeria Implementation Status at Release 1.6

Egeria Implementation Status

Link to Egeria's Roadmap for more details about the Open Metadata and Governance vision, strategy and content.