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Release 1.2 (December 2019)

Release 1.2 provides the ability to build an asset catalog, search for assets and also access the data and function provided by these assets. It is also possible to group Assets into governance zones to control the discoverability and visibility of the Assets.

In addition, we release the Egeria conformance test suite and four conformant repositories.

Below are the highlights:

The assets cataloged by these access services can be scoped by governance zones.

  • The metadata servers and future governance servers running on the OMAG Server Platform support metadata-centric security that is controlled by a connector. This connector can validate access to individual servers, services, and assets based on the identity of the caller and the service or asset they wish to access.

  • The Open Metadata Repository Services (OMRS) have been enhanced to support support dynamic types and type patching. There is also function to load archives of metadata instances.

  • There are tutorials, hands-on labs and samples demonstrating the new Asset cataloging capabilities.

Egeria Implementation Status at Release 1.2

Egeria Implementation Status

Link to Egeria's Roadmap for more details about the Open Metadata and Governance vision, strategy and content.