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Release 1.1 (November 2019)

Release 1.1 focuses on establishing a secure, multi-tenant platform for metadata servers and governance servers. There is also a new JanusGraph based metadata repository.

Below are the highlights:

  • A persistent metadata repository based on JanusGraph.

  • A multi-tenant OMAG Server Platform that is able to host one to many metadata servers and/or governance servers. This platform supports APIs to administer servers, start and stop servers and query their status. The platform offers a connector to change the store used for configuration documents and to control who can issue platform API calls.

  • There are now tutorials and hands-on labs demonstrating the configuring and start up of servers on the OMAG Server Platform. The aim is to help people to get up and running with the Egeria technology. In addition, there are both docker scripts and Kubernetes helm charts to deploy the platforms and related technology used in the tutorials, samples and labs.

  • Note that currently we do not push release specific docker containers to dockerhub. If you are using the docker/kubernetes environments it is recommended to work from the 'master' branch instead of this release. This will be addressed in a future release.

  • The Open Metadata Repository Services (OMRS) shipped in the first release have been enhanced with REST APIs to query the cohorts that a server is connected to. There are also REST APIs to issue federated queries across the cohorts that a metadata server is connected to.

  • There is a new user interface to explore the open metadata types. It is called the Type Explorer.

Code fixes and changes to released function

  • Release 1.1 fixes a problem in the open metadata cohort registration when there was a metadata server without a local repository. The wrong registration message was being used which meant that the registration details were not being properly distributed around the cohort.

  • Release 1.1 changed the type of the AdditionalProperties from a map of String to Object to a map of String to String in order to match the open metadata types. There is a new property called ConfigurationProperties which is a map from String to Object.

  • Release 1.1 changed the implementation of the data primitive type from a Java Date object to a Java Long object. This was to overcome a problem deserialization dates from JSON to Java.

Egeria Implementation Status at Release 1.1

Egeria Implementation Status

Link to Egeria's Roadmap for more details about the Open Metadata and Governance vision, strategy and content.