0010 Base Model

The base model defines key concepts such as Referenceable, Asset, Infrastructure, Process and DataSet along with the root entity for all metadata types, OpenMetadataRoot.


Referenceable is the super type for many of the open metadata entity types. A referenceable is something that is important enough to be assigned a unique (qualified) name within its type. This unique name is often used outside of the open metadata ecosystem as its unique identifier. Referenceable also has provision for storing additional properties. This is a set of name-value pairs (ie a map) where the values are all strings.

Asset represents the most significant type of referenceable. An asset is something (either physical or digital) that is of value and so needs to be managed and governed.

Infrastructure, Process and DataSet are examples of Assets.

More information on assets can be found in Building an Asset Catalog.

The Anchors classification is used internally by the open metadata ecosystem to optimize the look up of the entity at the root of a cluster of elements that represents a larger object. Currently there is support for objects uniquely “owned” an asset to store the guid of that asset, for a schema element to point to the schema type at the root of the schema object and a comment to store the guid at the start of a comment thread.

Finally, the Memento classification identifies that the Referenceable refers to a real-world asset/artifact that has either been deleted or archived offline. The metadata element has been retained to show its role in the lineage of other assets/artifacts. The properties in this classification identifies the archive processing and any information that helps to locate the asset/artifact in the archive (if applicable).

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