Open Connector Framework (OCF)

The OCF, as the name suggests, is an open framework for supporting connectors. Connector provide client-side access to remote digital Assets such as data sets, APIs and software components. OCF Connectors also provide access to metadata about the asset and they may call the Governance Action Framework (GAF) to log audit messages and execute appropriate governance actions related to the use of these assets in real-time.

Benefits of the OCF

Applications and tools benefit from using OCF connectors because:

Organizations benefit from advocating the use of OCF connectors for their systems because the OCF connectors provide a consistent approach to governance enforcement and audit logging. This is particularly important in data-rich environments where individuals are able to combine data from different Assets creating new potentially sensitive insight. The common approach to auditing, and the linkage between the data accessed and the metadata that describes its characteristics help to detect and prevent such actions

Design rationale

The following factors influenced the design of the OCF.


There are a number of key components within the OCF:

Implementation scenarios

For further information on implementing can be found in the Developer’s Guide.

Open Metadata Types

Open metadata repositories are able to store information needed to use OCF connectors. Details of the types involved are as follows:

Java Implementation

The OCF provides the interface schema and base class implementation for these components. The Java implementation is located in packages org.odpi.openmetadata.ocf.*:

The OCF Metadata Management supports the retrieval of connection and connected asset properties from the open metadata repository/repositories.

The Asset Consumer OMAS embeds the OCF to provide client-side support for connectors.

The Open Metadata Repository Services (OMRS) makes extensive use of OCF connectors for accessing open metadata repository servers and other resources. These connectors are collectively called the OMRS Connectors.

Many of the Open Metadata Governance Servers make use of OCF connectors to loosely-couple integration with a variety of underlying technologies.

The Developer Guide provides more information on writing connectors for Egeria.

The Connector Catalog lists the pre-built connectors supplied by Egeria.

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License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.