OMAG Server Platform

The OMAG Server Platform provides a runtime process and platform for Open Metadata and Governance (OMAG) Services.

The OMAG services are configured and activated in OMAG Servers using the Administration Services. The configuration operations of the admin services create configuration documents, one for each OMAG Server. Inside a configuration document is the definition of which OMAG services to activate in the server. These include the repository services (any type of server), the access services (for metadata access points and metadata servers), governance services (for governance servers) and view services (for view servers). Once a configuration document is defined, the OMAG Server can be started and stopped multiple times by the admin services server instance operations.

The OMAG Server Platform also supports some platform services to query details of the servers running on the platform.

The OMAG Server Platform can host multiple OMAG servers at any one time. Figure 1 shows different choices for distributing OMAG Servers on the OMAG Platforms.

Figure 1

Figure 1: OMAG Server deployment choices. An OMAG Server may have multiple copies of the same type of OMAG Server on a platform (multi-tenant operation for a cloud service), or different types of OMAG Server on a platform, or a separate platform for each OMAG Server (more information).

The choices are as follows:

Each OMAG server is isolated within the server platform and so the OMAG server platform can be used to support multi-tenant operation for a cloud service, or host a variety of different OMAG Servers needed at a particular location.

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