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Plugin Repository Proxy

A plugin repository proxy is an OMAG Server that has been configured to act as a pluggable, native Egeria metadata repository backed by a non-Egeria persistent store.

Plugin repository proxy translating between a back-end persistence layer and open metadata

The plugin repository proxy hosts a repository connector to wrap the non-Egeria back-end with the necessary OMRS-level APIs.

Difference vs. a repository proxy?

The primary difference between a plugin repository proxy and a repository proxy is that the plugin repository proxy is a native Egeria repository implementation: there is no separate user interface or set of interactions that the repository in a plugin repository proxy will serve other than Egeria itself. With a (non-plugin) repository proxy, there will typically be a non-Egeria user interface and application that are also served by the back-end, in addition to Egeria.

There are two plugin repository connector implementations included with Egeria: