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Create port alias

Create a PortAlias, with a PortDelegation relationship to a PortImplementation and a ProcessPort relationship to the process. The PortAlias type and the delegated PortImplementation type must be the same.

More examples can be found in the sample collection

POST {serverURLRoot}/servers/{serverName}/open-metadata/access-services/data-engine/users/{userId}/port-aliases

    "processQualifiedName": "(process)=CopyColumsFlow",
    "portAlias": {
        "displayName": "ReadInputFilePortAlias",
        "qualifiedName": "(process)=CopyColumsFlow::(port)=ReadInputFilePortAlias",
        "updateSemantic": "REPLACE",
        "delegatesTo": "(process)=CopyColumsFlow::(process)=CopyColumns::(port)=NamesFileInputPort",
        "type": "INPUT_PORT"
    "externalSourceName": "(organization)=Company::(project)=ExternalDataPlatform"

externalSourceName - qualifiedName of the external data engine tool. processQualifiedName - qualifiedName of the process that the port will be attached to. Note that you need to register the data engine tool with register-data-engine-tool before creating any port. GUIDResponse - response containing the port alias guid, with status and error message if failing.