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Release 3.3 (November 2021)

Known issue: use chromium-based browser for UIs

It is recommended to use a chromium-based browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari for the Egeria React UI. Some parts of the UI experience such as Dino currently experience problems with Firefox. See odpi/egeria-react-ui#96 .

Known issue: Egeria React UI (Dino)

Config documents cannot be displayed in the Egeria React UI (Dino). See egeria-ract-ui#264 .

Known issue: OpenShift deployment using helm charts

If deploying helm charts to OpenShift, a security policy change is needed. See odpi/egeria-charts#18 .

Known issue: Hands-on labs notebook

When using the 'understanding platform services' lab notebook, the query for active servers will fail. See odpi/egeria#5023.

Functional changes
Beta documentation site

We are making good progress moving our documentation across to a new site at This is still work in progress so some material is currently missing, and some links will fail.

This site should offer improved usability including navigation & search.

Please continue to refer to the main documentation site for any missing content until this migration is complete.

Type changes: added, modified, deprecated
Incomplete Classification

New type Incomplete for classifying referencable entities used in special lineage cases. One example for such case is representing 'virtual asset' form IBM IGC external repository. See description in model 0790.

Bug fixes and other updates

For details, see the commit history in GitHub .

Implementation status

Egeria implementation status

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