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Integration Guide

The integration guide helps you to integrate a new technology into the open metadata ecosystem. This may be an open source technology, a home-grown technology or a software product.

Integrating Asset Managers (catalogs)

The Asset Manager OMAS (in conjunction with the Catalog Integrator OMIS) provides a new integration path for asset managers that goes via an integration service hosted in an integration daemon.

Catalogs will be able to have a two-way integration through this path without needing to conform to the repository service rules for managing home and reference copies. This is possible for two reasons:

  • Since the metadata from the catalog passes through an OMAS, Egeria will be able to have a better control of the metadata from the catalog.
  • Since the catalog is not part of a federated query, any inconsistent updates to metadata that occurs in its repository, only impacts the users of that catalog and not the whole cohort.